Monster Scout Raffle

Fundraising 2017

Why should you help our Group sell Monster Scout Raffle tickets?

VicScouts runs the Raffle and covers all the costs of Prizes and overhead. The Group gets to keep every single $ we collect, and uses the money to fund the Group activities. This directly benefits your children.

Tickets are $2 each.    All families will be sent 2 books of 10 tickets to sell.

You are asked to sell all the tickets allocated to you or if you prefer purchase them yourself.

If for some reason this is not possible, please advise the Group leader as soon as possible so that the Group is not liable for the unsold tickets.

All sold ticket butts, unsold tickets, and money must be returned by TBA
(it is a Raffle's Board regulation that all monies/tickets must be accounted for).


Puckle St 

This year we will be having a stall in Puckle St again.  The stall is a great way for us to get exposure to new people.  We always get new Cub and Scout inquiries and many of them turn in to new members.  We also sell a lot of Raffle tickets.

Typically we have a number of Saturday mornings where in small groups, the Joey, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers walk up and down the street selling Raffle tickets.  The Cubs and Joeys do the best due to the 'aw' factor.  Each group of children will include Scouts or Venturers with the Joeys or Cubs.

There is a need to have a few parents stay at the stall to supervise the table and to refresh the kids with new tickets when they come back in.

In due course a roster will be drawn up and sent out.  




1st prize: Toyota Prius C Hybrid total prize value $ 28,816 (including orc)
2nd prize: Trekmaster Camper Trailer & Sunroom total prize value $7,999 (including orc)
3rd prize: IGA Gift card total prize value $5,000
4th prize: Snowgum Australia Gift card total prize value $2,000
5th prize: 2 x Mountain Bikes total prize value $1,500
6th prize: 2 x Mountain Bikes total prize value $1,000
7th prize: Specialist BBQ & Patio Heater total prize value $1,000
8th prize: Specialist BBQ & Patio Heater total prize value $1,000


Draw Information

Draw Date: Wednesday, TBA PM at Victorian Scout Centre.
Winners will be contacted by phone.
Draw results published on the website on TBA 2016